The SolarKal Quarterly 4Q23: What Is a Solar Advisor and Why Does My Business Need One?

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Apple? 50 cents.

Deli sandwich? Maybe 10 bucks, give or take.

Dinner and a movie? Thirty bucks, if you’re lucky.

Commercial solar panels on the roof? No idea.

Moreover, if I asked you where you would go to get each of these, you’d confidently answer: the supermarket, the corner deli, and the local mall. You’ve bought each of these things before and you know how to procure each one.

The same most certainly cannot be said for solar.

If you’re considering solar, it’s important to know that solar economics have crossed the metaphorical Rubicon. After decades of relentless decreases in prices driven by gains in scale and efficiency, solar has become the cheapest form of electricity generation in the U.S.

Utilities are deploying it at a massive scale, and solar is projected to grow from 3% of the country’s generation capacity today to 50% over the next several decades.

Commercial businesses are also taking advantage of the extra net operating income (NOI) and/or energy savings. By deploying commercial solar panels on rooftops, SolarKal has helped businesses realize internal rate of returns (IRRs) up to 50% on 25-year assets; “A”-graded states can reliably see double-digit returns or tens of thousands in annual rent payments on a zero cap-ex deal.

Taking advantage of solar’s economic opportunity requires a high level of expertise to handle the myriad of details that go into a successful project. Few companies have internal solar teams, and this is where SolarKal’s expert solar advisory services — backed by the nation’s largest marketplace of qualified solar vendors — excel.

White-Glove Service:

Solar is hard to navigate. SolarKal’s dedicated project managers work with you to develop commercial solar deployment plans and provide detailed breakdowns of the economics and incentives available. Direct ownership, solar PPA (power purchase agreements), and roof leases are all approaches SolarKal will explore with you to carve out the best path to solar for your business.

Leading Experience and Scale:

SolarKal’s clients directly benefit from our best-in-class pricing data set that leverages an industry-leading 200 solar vendors with over $1.5 billion in total project value. SolarKal has over 116 MW of solar completed or in development and has over 70 clients ranging from large asset owners like Plymouth REIT, Intercontinental Real Estate, Sumitomo, and Federal Realty to regionals like Cornell University and Zoo New England.

Better Mousetrap:

Competition for your projects yields the best results. On average, SolarKal’s clients see economics that are approximately 43% better than bids received outside of the marketplace. This advantage is rooted in the value of competition as well as in our structurally higher project conversion rate.

Our proprietary qualification processes work, and we get your projects built.

Mobilize Local Vendors:

Local (vs. national) vendors typically have the necessary contacts at utilities and government administrations to facilitate and expedite commercial solar installations and are often the most knowledgeable about local laws and incentives. Owners with national footprints may find the identification of a reliable network of local partners across the country daunting…

… fortunately, SolarKal has already built a  solar marketplace that consists of thoroughly vetted local and national companies.

If you would like to learn more about how SolarKal can make solar work for your business, please reach out to our solar advisors at

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