Founder's Story

SolarKal Co-Founders Yaniv Kalish and Neil Sharma established SolarKal in 2016 to solve a problem.

Accessing Solar

Solarkal’s Founder, Yaniv Kalish, realized that for businesses, switching to solar is complex and confusing. The benefits are clear: saving on energy costs, improving property economics, achieving sustainability goals. Solar makes solid business sense. Getting there, though, takes specific skills, experience, and expertise that few companies have, which creates a major barrier to solar deployment in U.S. businesses.

Solution: Expert Advisors, Competitive Marketplace

SolarKal was founded in 2016 with an idea on how to remove the barriers and make solar energy accessible to all businesses. This idea was to assemble expert, tech-enabled solar advisors, and a marketplace of the very best solar providers. SolarKal was born.

Co-Founders Yaniv Kalish and Neil Sharma hired the brightest minds in commercial solar. These experts bring hands-on experience in developing projects for commercial real estate plus a shared commitment to making solar accessible to all businesses.

Today, SolarKal is the leading solar advisory and marketplace for real estate owners in the U.S., with over 100 active and completed commercial solar projects.

Our passion and commitment continue to grow as we help our clients turn their solar potential into solar reality.

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