Easily support your clients’ need for solar with a SolarKal Partnership

It’s simple. We put our commercial solar expertise, backed by the largest marketplace of vetted commercial solar providers in the U.S., to work for your clients, helping them go solar with ease.

CHannel Partnerships

Flexible Partnership Options

Regardless of your business model, we augment your products or services with the exact solar support each client requires. A dedicated project manager will work with your client to determine their goals and will guide them all the way through project completion utilizing SolarKal’s proprietary marketplace and solar expertise across:

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Finance & Consumption Options
  • Procurement
  • Contracting

SolarKal’s Partner Program scales your ROI with the depth of our relationship and offers both up-front and origination based referral streams as we collaborate on consulting, sales, and marketing.

Partner for Solar Success

Whether you have a client already interested in solar or want to add solar support to your suite of services, the SolarKal Partnership Program offers the flexibility to help achieve your solar goals.Tell us more by filling out the form.

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